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The Importance of Sexual Freedom and Growth

Our sexuality must remain fluid and open throughout our lives. Sexuality is an integral part of our personality. It is not simply a “nice to have”, a pleasurable adjunct – or something to be denied. Sexuality is a valid, central aspect of who we are as individuals. If it is not allowed to expand and grow, the entire personality is affected. This is especially true in long-term, monogamous relationships, where there is a strong belief that once we marry or commit, we are locked down, our sexual selves closed and contained within the couple. Because of intense social conditioning, most…

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Opening a Long Term Relationship

Now the weird thing is, the really counter-intuitive thing, the thing that really fucks with your head, is that when you do start switching it up, you don’t turn away from your partner, happy to leave them behind, but rather you begin to remember them, and turn toward them again, possibly for the first time in years. It’s at this point that you remember what it is that attracted you to them in the first place. You begin to remember how good they feel, how hot they can be. You begin to remember how you looked at her before she…

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The Time is NOW