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Finnish film, “Steam of Life”: simple, powerful, revealing, refreshing

I went to see the Finnish documentary last night, “Steam of Life”. It was very moving. Men sharing their deepest emotional experiences with other men, or sometimes just the camera, in a sauna. The film is beautifully shot, highlighting the stark Finnish landscape – and apparently the Finnish obsession with saunas. There was an old car in the middle of a field which had been turned into a sauna; a camper trailer; a telephone booth; a tee-pee, and then the standard saunas in houses and backyards. Every city and town seems to have a sauna, and everyone can afford…

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James Bond is Bisexual!

It was with a loud holler that I welcomed the news that James Bond is bisexual – or at least man enough to allude to the possibility. During the “torture” scene with Raoul Silva, Bond is subjected to Silva’s sensual touch. “There’s always a first time.” says Silva, as he asserts that there was nothing in Bond’s training to cover being confronted by the touch of another man. To which Bond replies, “What makes you think this is my first time.” WAHOOO!!! James Bond stating he may have had sexual relations with another man – without blinking an eye! People,…

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The Time is NOW