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The Only Sex Tip Every Man Needs

photo by anneschaar

    Don’t cum. That’s it. That’s all you need to know: how to control your ejaculation. Why is this so vital? In order to move into deeper realms of sexual experience – for both you and her – you, the guy, have to be able to prolong that experience. It takes men some time to cool off enough to really get going; and it takes women a while to warm up enough to really get going. It’s when we meet somewhere in between that the real sparks begin to fly. My wife claims that it takes a good two…

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NYT: The “Science” Behind Bisexuality? Thanks, but no thanks

Bisexual Married Man - I Exist

Here’s a recap of the firestorm of bisexual news which began on 23 March, when the New York Times Magazine ran a big cover story on bisexuality: “The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists“, and in particular, male bisexuality. The title alone infers that there is doubt. Once again the burden is on bisexuals to prove their existence in the face of those who doubt us. Researchers and other truthers seem to be comfortable with women being bisexual. But men? It’s not possible. I know in five or ten years we’ll all look back at his silliness and laugh, but…

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The Time is NOW