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Why Do They Lie About Being Bisexual?

Shame is at the heart of bisexual denial

Shame. Unremitting, soul-crushing shame. Shame lies at the heart of every secret bisexual desire, thought, encounter. Shame keeps us from talking, sharing, and being authentic with our loved ones. Shame stifles our ability to have close, intimate connections. Shame motivates us toward harmful, hurtful acts. Shame tears us apart inside and leaves room for little else other than devastating self-loathing. Bisexuals are deeply ashamed of Who We Really Are, sickened by our own desires, our own selves. It is one thing to act shamefully, but quite another entirely when one’s very nature is shameful. It is because of this shame…

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Authenticity is Your Only Hope for Bisexual Relationship Bliss

Authenticity is the key to bisexual relationship bliss

“If I told you things I did before, told you how I used to be Would you go along with someone like me If you knew my story word for word, had all of my history Would you go along with someone like me” Lyrics from “Young folks“, by Peter Bjorn and John The reason so many bisexuals hide their true desires, thoughts, feelings is because they believe their authentic self-expression will ruin any chance they have of finding a loving, strong, heathy, sustainable relationship. Many bisexuals firmly believe that the answer to the above questions posed by Peter Bjorn…

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The Time is NOW