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Coming out to My Wife – article


After 15 years of marriage, I drove my wife up to a local mountain, parked on the side of the road, and came clean: I’d been fooling around with men behind her back, and after a lifetime of grappling with my sexuality, had come to accept the fact that I am bisexual. “Our marriage is over,” I told her. “At the very least it’s over in the way it used to be – which is a good thing, because I’m not very happy, and I don’t think you are either.” The experimentation had gone on for a couple of years.…

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Mark + Lianna are part of “Sex Talk in the City”!

Mark + Lianna are part of “Sex Talk in the City”!

Mark + Lianna in front of their “Drawer” at the Museum of Vancouver’s new exhibit, Sex Talk in The City. Thanks to @maurice for the photo! Mark + Lianna’s experiences with their open relationship are explored in the exhibit’s Wall of Drawers, where visitors cannot help but feel like a kid snooping in their parents’ room as they make their way along the wall, wondering what kind of secrets await as they furtively peak within. Three quotes from Mark’s play, “Bi, Hung, Fit and Married” are part of the Quote Wall, which greets visitors as they enter the exhibit space,…

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Upcoming Dates

Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium,
1238 Davie Street
Thursday, 29 May, 7 p.m.

People's Co-Op Bookstore,
1391 Commercial Dr,
Thursday, 12 June, 7 p.m.

The Frank Theatre Cabaret,
Friday, 20 June, 7 p.m.

I'm thrilled and honoured to have been awarded Volunteer of the month by Qmunity for February, 2014. Read about here.

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