Nice to meet you! I am a published writer, workshop facilitator, counsellor/life coach, and outdoor enthusiast living in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“Confessions of a Bisexual Husband” published in 2014, is the story of how my wife and I made big changes to our 15-year marriage after I came out to her about being bisexual.

We’ve both grown tremendously since opening our marriage in 2009 and experimenting with non-monogamy. Even after travelling around the world for over three years of my life, our adventures since we began exploring this lifestyle have been some of the most transformative and fulfilling experiences to date.

Our findings have been counter-intuitive and go against much of what our society preaches about marriage, monogamy, and what it means to love someone—and oneself.

Many people wonder what it means to live in an open relationship, how it works, what it feels like. “Confessions of a Bisexual Husband” explores in detail the process we went through, and the changes we both had to make in order to allow each other to express ourselves as whole, complete people—including our sexuality.

It’s definitely not the easy route. There have been times when we’ve both been pushed to the edge by the other. But the payoff has been worth it. Today our relationship is stronger, more stable and loving than ever before. We now have a respect and appreciation for each other which we never thought possible—after nearly 21 years of marriage!

Bisexuality is a queer thing indeed, as I’ve discovered since I began experimenting with it at the age of 13. Once out to my friends and family, I started to talk to my fellow bisexuals in earnest, gaining a perspective on marriage, bisexuality, and monogamy which could only be acquired from an insider. I see bisexuals for one-on-one counselling, run workshops on sexuality, bisexuality, and other topics.

The vast majority of married bisexuals—and especially male bisexuals—are deep in the closet. I hope that my book will help them, and people of any orientation, to take the first small steps toward accepting their unique sexual orientation, and discover the joys of authenticity and living an adventurous life.

Brief Resume
I’m a multi-faceted communications professional with over 25 years of diverse writing experience. After completing my BA in Creative Writing/Journalism at Concordia University, in Montreal, I worked on both sides of the mic at CBC Radio, as well as freelanced for a variety of well-known publications, such as the Montreal Gazette and the Vancouver Courier.

I have written two feature-length screenplays, “When I Find You” and “Webs of Hidden Desire”, both of which received Telefilm Canada and BC Film funding. Both of these films explore themes of sexuality and sexual identity confusion, my favourite topics! “Webs of Hidden Desire” is currently in search of financing.

Whether I am working in the role of writer, workshop facilitator, life coach, web producer, or teacher, my focus has always been on conveying information to people in ways they will be able to enjoy, absorb, and understand.

Freelance Writing
I’ve had articles and photographs published across the continent in a variety of publications, including the Montreal Gazette, the Vancouver Courier, the Vancouver Board of Trade, Moviemaker Magazine, the Royal Bank, the NFB, Reader’s Digest, and others.

Anchored Commotion Productions Inc.
My wife and I owned ACPI, a company which specialized in Vancouver independent film productions. We co-wrote, produced, and edited the short film “Always Watching”, which was featured at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 1999.

Feature-length Screenplays
I was able to work through the bureaucracy to attain highly competitive Telefilm Canada and BC Film grant money to write and develop two of my own feature-length screenplays: “When I Find You”, and “Webs of Hidden Desire”.

CBC Associate Producer
Getting a daily afternoon radio show on air requires dedication and long hours. As part of the “Homerun” team, I was responsible for generating story ideas, interviewing guests, researching and writing scripts and backgrounds, and ensuring the live show ran smoothly.

National CBC Computer Columnist
Each week my views on information technology and the changing face of our information-based society were aired nationally on CBC Radio. The objective of the column was to introduce and explain complex computer information to the general public.

CBC Reporter
The Eastern Township correspondent for Daybreak, the CBC Radio morning show in Montreal. Spoke live on air to discuss issues from the Townships. Skills included making the pitch, interviewing, researching, writing, and editing the on-air material.

Computer Information Systems Langara College
Vancouver, British Columbia
1997- 1999

Diploma in Education
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec

BA in Creative Writing/Journalism
Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec

Social Sciences Degree
Dawson College
Montreal, Quebec


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