The Importance of Sexual Freedom and Growth

Our sexuality must remain fluid and open throughout our lives. Sexuality is an integral part of our personality. It is not simply a “nice to have”, a pleasurable adjunct – or something to be denied. Sexuality is a valid, central aspect of who we are as individuals. If it is not allowed to expand and grow, the entire personality is affected. This is especially true in long-term, monogamous relationships, where there is a strong belief that once we marry or commit, we are locked down, our sexual selves closed and contained within the couple. Because of intense social conditioning, most…

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Opening a Long Term Relationship

Now the weird thing is, the really counter-intuitive thing, the thing that really fucks with your head, is that when you do start switching it up, you don’t turn away from your partner, happy to leave them behind, but rather you begin to remember them, and turn toward them again, possibly for the first time in years. It’s at this point that you remember what it is that attracted you to them in the first place. You begin to remember how good they feel, how hot they can be. You begin to remember how you looked at her before she…

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The Lines We Draw

The most influential line we draw in our lives is the one we use to define where “I” end, and the “objective world” begins. In other words, what is me, and what is not me: what are the elements of my life that I have influence over, and what are the ones that I do not? Because that is the crux of all of this talk about creating your own reality, writing the novel of your own life experience, being able to have/do/be anything you want. Some believe we have absolutely no influence over our own lives, beholden to an…

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Dare 2 b Empowered

Mark is available for private, confidential, non-judgemental, sex-positive one on one discussion sessions. Mark has an unique perspective on life, believing that you are the centre of your world, the only one to whom you must answer, and the only one with the power to create the kind of life you want for yourself. You are greater than you know; stronger than you feel; safer than you believe; and much closer to your ideal circumstances than you can imagine. Contact Mark for a free initial consultation.

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Mark has gotten into the Fringe Festival!

I’ll be performing a new piece at this year’s Vancouver International Fringe Festival, which runs from September 6-16, 2012. Please be sure to come and see my show! True, I was said to have leaned my head back and screamed “Oh no! My life is over!” upon hearing my name – the last to be chosen for this year’s lineup, but I’ve gotten over the shock, and am now very excited to be a part of this great festival. The Fringe is known for its unique international talent. It is one of the few unjuried, uncensored theatre festivals in the…

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