“Bi, Hung, Fit… and Married”

Show Details

-Performed by Mark Bentley Cohen
-Produced by Lianna Walden
-Length is 55 minutes
-Minimal props/sound/lighting required
-Can be performed anywhere: theatre, classroom, cafe, cabaret, house or park
-Q&A following performance with Mark + Lianna


BHF+M is an intimate glimpse into one extraordinary couple’s exploration of the bounds of love and acceptance – and the counter-intuitive discoveries they make as their erotic journey brings them to ever-deepening levels of intimacy.

BHF+M is all about risk: the autobiographical nature of the show is itself a risk, as Marco publicly explores his personal struggle with bisexuality and the ensuing changes the couple makes to accommodate both of their evolving, confusing intimate and sexual needs.

Opening one’s relationship and toying with non-monogamy is the ultimate marital risk. Conventional wisdom dictates that having sex with other people does not work. It’s certainly not a recipe for success. Or is it?

More information at  www.bihungfit.ca

Watch this brief clip of Mark’s motivation for the show and his philosophical outlook on life.

WATCH clip of Mark talking about his motivation for the show.


 I personally found the performance to be not only quite entertaining,  but quite frankly, one of the most thought-provoking, and artistically interesting theatrical productions I have attended in recent memory. Although it deals with several highly controversial and emotionally-charged issues that might shock and offend at least some more traditional audiences, such as bisexuality, marital infidelity, and consensual nonmonogamy,  the production genuinely seemed to resonate with nearly all of the audience members. The crowd loved it.
Dave Doleshal, Ph.D., UC Berkeley
Read Dave Doleshal’s entire letter of recommendation as a PDF.

I take the opportunity here to congratulate (the both of) you for your play, once again. The beauty I see in the play is how you tell, with humanity and sensitivity, the inner process of passing from one world (the mono paradigm) to the other (the poly paradigm). I imagine it can be hardly audible to non poly people (due to the taboo it shakes), however, I found it ‘true’ (sincere) and talkative. I was moved by the play and I’m convinced it will resonate into many others poly hearts here in France (and Belgium and Switzerland), just as it might do in Quebec.
Pierre-Yves Wauthier, Belgian Anthropologist

I nearly jumped up and gave you a big hug after your performance. That was an absolutely spectacular performance! I just can’t get over how excited I am to have met you both! You were the highlight of the conference to me, the best part was how unexpected it was, and bonus, from Vancouver!
Cookie Kristina Bain, Sexual Health Educator in Vancouver Canada

We met at the Non monogamy conference in California and your play was one of the greatest theater experience I had during the last couple years! I’ll read your book and hope that brings me closer to understand your life…
Marton, New Jersey

Past Performances

2015-May, Performances in Vancouver, BC at Club 8×6
2015 – 20 February – 8 March, 2015, fRIGID Fringe Festival in New York City
2014 – June, the BECAUSE Conference, Minneapolis, Minnesota
2014 – February, The International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy in UC Berkeley, CA
2013 – September, Seattle Fringe Festival
2013 – August, Vancouver Queer Arts Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013 – March, Fundraiser for QMunity in co-production with the frank theatre company, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013 – February, Screaming Weenie Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2012 – September, Vancouver International Fringe Festival, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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