Master Your Masculine Sexual Energy

The Proper Way to Fuck a Woman is a how-to series on sexual intercourse and intimacy for men who want more pleasure, fun, connection and fulfillment from their sexual experiences with women - as they do from you!

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This series will take you on a transformative journey of sexual-self discovery from a guy who fumbles around during sex, unable to control his ejaculation, to becoming a multi-orgasmic man who understands the importance of building sexual energy, and who can maintain his sexual energy - and therefore his erection - for hours, days, and even weeks, while still experiencing toe-curling, non-ejaculatory, tantric orgasms the entire time.

Sexual intercourse is the most powerful physical connection we know. It holds the promise of transcendent union between men and women. Unfortunately, intercourse is not fulfilling its potential.

Find out how mastering control over your ejaculation – your masculine sexual energy – and proper fucking actually work together, creating the foundation upon which having heated, fulfilling, intensely connected and orgasmic sexual interactions depend.

In other words, you will learn the proper way to fuck a woman so that she gets all the pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment you desire. And when you can do this, you and your partners will discover the real magic of sexual intercourse, with its promise of connection, intimacy, passion, and transcendence, fulfilled.

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This series will help you if:

  • you have no control at all over your ejaculation while having intercourse
  • you regularly have unwanted/uncontrollable (premature) ejaculations
  • you think intercourse means pumping like a jackhammer
  • you expect her to orgasm within minutes of having intercourse
  • you feel insecure, lost, uncertain about what you are doing while having sex
  • you shy away from sex because you don’t know what you are doing
  • your sexual encounters are usually less than 20 minutes in total, from first kiss to final ejaculation
  • your sex life is superficial, unsatisfying without feeling, unfulfilling,

Your sexual self-discovery will include:

  • What does your authentic sexual expression look like?
  • How do you go from technical sex, to the erotic?
  • If orgasm is not the goal of sex, then what are you aiming for?
  • What is the connection between ejaculation control and orgasm – both yours and hers?
  • What is so important about having intercourse beyond the Magical 20-Minute Mark?
  • How to get to deeper levels of connection, intimacy, fun, fulfillment, and satisfaction with your female partners.
  • How to bridge the gap between porn and your fantasy life, and what you are actually living.

The books are easy to read, fun, funny, and chock-a-bloc with vital information necessary for a satisfying, fulfilling, heated sex life.

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What is in Book One?
Book One begins with mastering ejaculation control, and how the 8 Sexual Misconceptions most men have about intercourse are the main factors in unwanted (premature) ejaculation. As the book answers the question, "What is the goal of sex?", you also discover why ejaculation control and proper fucking are one in the same. Start practising on your own immediately with the 10 Exercises which teach you the physiological aspect of ejaculation control.

Men Are Multi-Orgasmic
What you will discover in this book is something few know: that men can separate the process of ejaculation from orgasm.
This kind of non-ejaculatory orgasm, also known as a tantric or internal orgasm, can be just as intense as an ejaculatory orgasm, with one big difference: you do not release your sexual energy, and therefore you do not lose your erection.

The Magical 20-Minute Mark
Discover the importance – and the benefits! – of having intercourse beyond The Magical 20-Minute Mark. It is only beyond Magical 20-Minute Mark that a proper fucking begins, because this is when sexual energy is built to sufficient levels to reach deeper levels of sexual pleasure, and orgasm.

It is at this point – after the couple has had intercourse (not just sex, but intercourse alone) beyond the Magical 20-Minute Mark, where the confluence of masculine and feminine sexual energies begin to join forces, and together you dance off to transcendent landscapes created by the sexual energy of your union.

By the end of Book One you will be on your way to accomplishing the first two Personal Milestones of Masculine Sexual Energy:

  1. Conscious Ejaculation Release
  2. Going beyond the Magical 20-Minute Mark

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What is in Book Two?
Books Two takes you step-by-step through the process of having sex with a woman, with specific details on how, when, and where to touch her to build sexual energy, heat and passion. Some of the sections you will encounter are Learning to Speak the Language of Pussy, Never Send a Finger to do a Penis's Job, Don't Jump to The Pump, Dancing The Volcano's Crater, until the final section, So Mark, When Do I Get to Cum?

In this book you will learn how to Express Your Authentic Sexual Desires with your partners, and why this is key to building sexual energy, and intimacy.

Achieving Personal Milestone #3, of holding off through her orgasm, or ending a proper session of intercourse without ejaculating, is the result of all your hard work.

It is at this point where Personal Milestone #4, becoming a post-ejaculatory man, and having non-ejaculatory, tantric orgasms is ready to be realized.

With the completion of this book you will be the new Post-Ejaculatory Man, ready to meet the new, modern woman, and the intense sexual interactions which await.

May you go forth and spread joy and fulfillment with every encounter you experience!


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