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Learn to control your Ejaculation during intercourse I've Stuck It In. Now What?
Book One lays down the foundational knowledge, understanding, and practises of ejaculation control, upon which you will start to build your new sex life.

The complete set of 10 exercises meant to be done on your own will teach you to master your masculine sexual energy - your ejaculation - so that you control it, and not the other way around.

Find out how:

  • ejaculation control and proper fucking work together and enhance each other
  • misunderstandings about the role sexual energy plays in creating erections often lead to misdiagnosis of erectile dysfunction, as well as premature ejaculation
  • managing your sexual energy through ejaculation control and proper fucking are necessary for her pleasure
  • these 8 fundamental sexual misconceptions confuse men, contribute to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and problems during intercourse with women (like #3, men must ejaculate to have an orgasm!)
  • to train yourself to build, hold, and maintain ever-increasing amounts sexual energy far beyond your current threshold for ejaculation
  • the longer you go, the easier it gets, and the many benefits of having intercourse beyond the Magical 20-Minute Mark

You will learn to:

  • establish proper masturbation habits based upon understanding, and then managing your masculine sexual energy, rather than spilling it
  • gain control of habitual masturbation, and use it as your new re-training ground for ejaculation control
  • build, hold, and manage ever-increasing amounts of sexual energy in your body without ejaculating
  • take the lead in you sexual encounters by knowing what you are doing, where you are heading, and how to get there
  • build sexual energy, desire, and fire in her
  • replace harmful masturbation habits which train for fast, quick, sudden ejaculation, with techniques that teach you last longer and build sexual energy capacity
  • immediately start refocusing how you interact sexually with women so you can both enjoy yourselves more

By the end of Book One you will be on your way to accomplishing the first two Personal Milestones of Masculine Sexual Energy:

  1. Ejaculation control
  2. Going beyond the Magical 20-Minute Mark of fucking

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The Ins and Outs of Proper Fucking
Book Two is structured to take you through each stage of proper fucking, with detailed information on every step.

In this book you will learn how to Express Your Authentic Sexual Desires with your partners, and why this is key to building sexual energy, and intimacy.

Find out how to transform “Rush and Fumble Sex” into intimate, erotic exchanges by using time and space to “Slow the Fuck Down”.

Learn how to “Speak the Language of Pussy”, and the importance of how, when, and where to touch her body and private parts while coaxing and beguiling your partners to pleasure.

Proper Entry is crucial, for both you and her. Clear, step-by-step instructions on how to properly enter your woman to ensure a successful journey.

In order to experience the magic beyond the 20-minute mark, strategies and techniques are given to manage your intense sexual energy.

Achieving Personal Milestone #3, of holding off through her orgasm, or ending a proper session of intercourse without ejaculating, is the result of all your hard work.

It is at this point where Personal Milestone #4, becoming a post-ejaculatory man, and having non-ejaculatory, tantric orgasms is ready to be realized.

With the completion of this book you will be the new Post-Ejaculatory Man, ready to meet the new, modern woman, and the intense sexual interactions which await.

Begin your journey of sexual transformation today, and go from a guy who fumbles around during sex, to a man who understands sexual energy, how to build, hold and maintain it in himself, and his partners so that pleasure, enjoyment, connection and intimacy flow between you, transporting you both to far-off destinations which can only be explored by creating sexual energy through ejaculation control.

May you go forth and spread joy and fulfillment with every encounter you experience!

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Confessions of a Bisexual Husband
The saucy, sexy recounting of Marco and Gabrielle's adventures as they decide to open their monogamous marriage of 16 years and explore the world of having an open relationship together.

A must-read for anyone wondering about the world of open relationships and bisexual exploration.

Readers' Feedback
The undertones of dream manifestation and 'thoughts create reality', along with a side of personal and familial healing, all wrapped up in the gritty and sexy adventure that brings your characters to peace around their sexuality... I really did love it.
Autumn, Vancouver

You are a great storyteller. The book is so easy and enjoyable to's the type you can get glued to.
Tracey, Vancouver

I really enjoyed this book. It resonated with my feelings and sensibilities, especially now that open or polyamorous relationships are becoming more common or at least more public and it provides an excellent introduction into this realm.
Charlie Richmond, Editor and Columnist

I finished the book and ... um... wow.
David, Blog Follower

I just finished reading your book. Loved it! I even had my wife read it when I finished.  We have not discussed it yet... It's a lot for her to take in after 37 years of marriage
Thanks so much for writing this book.  It truly helps!

Thank you so much for sending me a paper copy of the book. I couldn't wait to start it and once involved, found it difficult to put down. I loved it and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey. Your candid insight into your feelings and thinking about your experiences is great. I really felt as if I was there as a silent witness throughout and felt that your journey was playing out for me.   Gary, UK

This is a candid, riveting, erotic account of how a married bisexual man's coming out to his wife saves their ailing marriage. The book redefines our most dearly-held beliefs about sexuality, monogamy, authenticity, and what it means to truly love someone.

Cohen takes us into his intimate world of sexual exploration as he tries to solve the mystery of his lifelong struggle with bisexuality. After 15 years of marriage, two kids, and illicit experimentation with men behind his wife Gabrielle's back, Marco confesses it all to her.

For most this would be a deal breaker – not so for Gabrielle. She too felt unhappy and confined in the marriage. Together they decide to set each other free, opening their relationship and exploring beyond the bounds of their (purportedly) monogamous, heterosexual union.

Gabrielle is soon forced to face her own beliefs about what it means to be a sexually active and liberated woman. She struggles to allow herself the freedom she wants, until she's able to accept her own authenticity, discovering an inner strength she'd never known.

No longer able to take each other for granted, the couple's sexual encounters bring about a healing change of perspective in both, enabling them to attain levels of love, intimacy, and respect for the other deeper than they'd ever thought possible.

"Confessions of a Bisexual Husband” is provocative, sexual, humorous, poignant, and most of all, transformative. In the end this is a very modern re-love story between two people who literally travel to the ends of the earth and beyond the bounds of their marriage to rediscover the love they have for each other.

It is Mark's hope that his work on this topic and ground-breaking relationship with Lianna will help people of any sexual orientation take the first small steps toward living a more authentic, fulfilling, and exciting life.


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