"The first layer of intimacy, is to be intimate with oneself."

Thank you for your interest in my counselling services.

Along with my new series, The Proper Way to Fuck a Woman, I offer counselling for issues around intimacy, sex, and unwanted, or premature ejaculation, proper fucking, and anything which may concern you.

I've been working as a counsellor/therapist/guide since 2009. Since then I have been on a mission of helping others to discover, embrace, and love their own Authentic Selves.

I am here as a guide, teacher, mentor, and counsellor. I am one of the few sex-positive counsellors in the world who specializes in issues around bisexuality, sexual identity confusion, sexuality, and relationships where these issues are posing challenges.

I work with singles, couples and alternative unions of every sexual orientation and gender configuration. My clients are from such places as Uzbekistan, Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, England, Romania, Spain, USA, and Vancouver, Canada, where I reside.

Our sessions will be catered to your specific needs, situation, and life experience. Unlike traditional counsellors I will answer your questions, offer you guidance, and share insights I've gained from my many years of working with others facing similar issues.

My Approach
You have power over your own life. Whatever challenges you are facing, you have the ability to overcome them.

In order to change what you see on the outside, you must change what is going on inside. Quite often a new perspective is required, a new way of seeing yourself, your life, and life in general.

We will examine your thoughts and beliefs, closing the gaps in the contradictions with either behavioural changes, or acceptance. Transforming the internal struggles will allow you to move from seeing life as a burden, to what it truly is: an adventure.

We are usually the most un-cooperative element in our own lives. The question is, are you willing to let yourself be Who You Really Are, and live the life you really want to live?

There is great power in authenticity.

My Practice
I do my best to accommodate your scheduling needs. I offer sessions at all hours every day of the week.

I have an office in Vancouver. I also do phone and Skype sessions, with/without video (up to you).

Sessions run 60 - 90 minutes and cost $125 for a single session.
$400 for 4 sessions and all subsequent sessions if paid in advance.
I offer a sliding scale for those in financial need. Please let me know what you can afford.

About Me
I've spent my entire life working with issues around sex and sexual expression.

I founded and ran the Meetup group "Bisexuals in Vancouver" in 2010. I held meetings twice month, for 8 years, and transformed the lives of many along the way.

I give talks, workshops and seminars on a variety of sex-related topics.

My book, "Confessions of a Bisexual Husband", which is available for sale on Amazon, recounts the experiences my ex-wife and I had once I came out to her about being bisexual, and the subsequent changes we made to our ailing marriage as a result. My one-man show, "Bi, Hung, Fit... and Married", was based on the book. I performed this show in 2015/16 across the continent to rave reviews.

Please send me an email:  to book a session.

I also offer thirty minute complementary consultations.



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